Reign Sapphires provides a unique shopping experience; a new attitude and styling in Fine Jewelry. Reign collections feature contemporary jewels made with ethically sourced sapphires that come straight from their Australian mines - expertly sorted, polished and cut by master artisans. Each piece is individually made in Los Angeles according to the highest standards, in 18K Gold, Rhodium or Sterling Silver.

Reign guarantees, for one year from the time of purchase, that your fine jewelry is free from defects in craftsmanship. Within this period of time, should you have any concerns about the quality and integrity of your jewel, please contact us immediately at The terms of your Guarantee are stated in the Reign Preferred Customer & Guarantee Card that accompanies every piece of Reign Jewelry. When you receive your card we suggest you visit the Reign Website to register your purchase for easy access to future information and customer service communications, such as an annual reminder to clean and service your jewels.

We don’t advise you how to wear your jewels; on the contrary, we hope you will wear them often and enjoy them every day. Normal wear is easily identifiable by a professional jeweler, and refinishing options are available at no cost during the guarantee period, and at a reasonable cost after this period. Strenuous exercise, gardening, rock climbing and combat sports may cause damage to your jewelry that is not covered by guarantee and may not be possible to repair. Negligent use or abuse of your Reign jewel may void the terms of your guarantee.